Permits and the Alcohol World


Just like all industries and business sectors, the world of Alcohol selling and consumption is regulated by a broad range of different legislations. All these legislations are developed with intent of reducing accidents and abused caused by irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

Depending on the nature of your business, being a bartender, owner of an alcohol-serving institution or a consumer of alcohol, you are going to require a number of permits for your operation.

Understand that permits are not something developed with intent of setting back your business, or influencing the sales you receive. Permits and certifications are about acknowledging personal responsibility on mitigating the influences of excessive Alcohol use.

Alcohol is one of the leading causes of domestic violence and traffic deaths in the country. Due to its immense popularity and history, it cannot be legislated effectively, thus certain certifications and permits have been placed as mandatory requirement, these permits judge the abilities of each individual applying for them about whether they are able to soundly judge the people they are serving alcohol.

Depending on the state you live in, there is more than likely to be a state-sponsored certification program for Alcohol sellers, servers and managers. In fact, there may even be multiple, relevant, required certifications, few notable mentions are;

Contrary to general perception, the process of acquiring permits is a not a strenuous or expensive process. With the advent of the digital age, taking permit courses has been made easier, it can be done from the comfort of your home and under the time of your choosing, rather than having to attend physical classes. The large number of certification providers also mean that there is a great deal of competition in the market, allowing you to become certified at minimum costs. Furthermore, most certification courses only take a few hours to fulfil and last for multiple years before they need renewals.

The people who consume alcohol, are in no way exempt from requiring permit for purchasing and consuming alcoholic drinks. The permit comes allocated with their I.D and Driver’s License, however being able to purchase Alcohol does not necessarily mean that they should be consuming irresponsible amounts of it.

In some states, acquirement of certain permits and certifications has been made obligatory by law. This has been legislated in effect of the great number of accidents and abuse being attributed to irresponsible catering and consumption of Alcohol.

Another reason behind stricter regulation in the alcohol industry is the exposure of alcohols to minors, conducted by none others than minors themselves. Given the current lax regulations, it is relatively easy for minors to impersonate as adults and acquire alcohol, being unable to withstand the influences of alcohol, it leads them to being involved in incidents of accidents and abuse.

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